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Get Ready for LC New York 2022-23


We are pleased to announce, LC New York will return to a 3-season (Year Round) schedule:

Fall training, Winter training, and Summer-June Tournaments) as Follows:

  • Tryouts.  In order to improve the depth, breadth, and commitment required for the program we will revert back to a one session TRYOUT PROCESS for selecting players to be on our Year-Round teams/rosters.  All players (returning or new) are required to attend our Tryout to be held on September 8, on Randall’s Island, Fields 82 and 84, 6-8PM.  The tryout is free; you will be required to register for the tryout in advance; a link will be sent out in a separate email and posted on our website.  No exceptions.
  • Selections (READ Carefully).  Following the Tryout session the evening of September 8 conducted by the Directors and coaches, the directors will select the teams and offer a roster spots to those selected.  Families will be asked to respond immediately to the offer of a roster spot, so we will be able to start our Fall Sunday practices together on September 11.  The Fall Schedule is listed below in this email; scroll down, and will be posted on the LC New York Website.  September 11 session may also be used by the directors/coaches for 2nd evaluation of a player if needed before making a final decision.  If and only if there are any additional LCNY roster spots open, the Directors will fill with a tryout scheduled separately.  But a tryout is required of all interested players.
  • LCNY Fall (1 Day per week)—We assemble our teams.  They will train/practice together with their coaches and Directors on Sundays (times and dates are pending until we obtain field permits).  6-8 sessions including one November 13 or 14 tournament in NJ. 
  • LCNY Winter (1 Day per week)—Our teams stay together and build chemistry. They will practice together with coaches and Directors on Sundays.  6-8 sessions including one February tournament upstate NJ.  Practices will either be indoors or outdoors, pending Director decision and best availability of facilities. 
  • Spring--No LCNY.  All players are expected to play for their assigned Doc's NYC teams or Spring program teams.  There will be No conflict with Doc's NYC Spring—we expect players will play in the Doc's NYC Spring program (or other Spring program your son usually joins, such as the Brooklyn Crescents).  It is not advised to skip Spring lacrosse altogether and then try to play LCNY's summer tournament schedule.
  • LCNY Summer (starts end of May through 3rd weekend in June, 3 days per week)--Same as last summer.  Tournament season.  6-8 weeknight practice sessions.  3 weekend tournaments.  It is the expectation of the program that all players selected to be in the LCNY program are committed to play in ALL 3 scheduled summer tournaments.  The last tournament is will take place June 17-18, 2023.  Check this vs. other summer commitments.
  • Gear.  New LC New York is being designed.  All players will receive a Fall/Winter Practice Reversible, Helmet, Gloves, and Summer Uniform all included in the team fee.  In addition LCNY families will have access to a year round team store.
  • Program Fee.  The program will be $3600 and payment will be billed in 3 installments (September, December, and March).


Goal.  For 2022-23, our goal is to recruit the best players/families available who are willing to train/play together as a team in a year-round New York City-based club lacrosse travel program.  Commitment to our year-round schedule, loyalty, and a positive approach to learning the game are very important to us.  If you have any questions/comments, please do not hesitate to email us so we can set up a time to discuss them individually with each family.


Scheduling Note for Fall: LC New York’s program does not conflict with Doc’s NYC.   If you registered and paid for the Doc’s NYC Fall Sunday Program 2022 program announced earlier, you can register/play both in the fall schedule or Doc’s will send you a credit/refund; you then register/pay the LCNY fees.   Questions?  Mat Levine at 917-957-4409. Financial assistance (if needed) is available by phone inquiry.


Finally, if Pandemic conditions change, we will make the necessary adjustments and protocols to ensure safety and good health.


Yours in lacrosse,


Max Seibald    Rob Pannell    Mat Levine



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