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LC New York - Program Overview

Please see below for detailed information on the LC New York club lacrosse program. We operate in New York City, and provide top level development training and tournament play for lacrosse-playing athletes who want to take their game to the next level.

Playing lacrosse at a high level in NYC requires a lot of commitment from players and parents, but it also requires transparency, and an ability to navigate the tough NYC sports landscape, as well as the connections to the greater lacrosse community, from your club organization.

The goal of our program is to compete at the highest levels, but in order to accomplish that, we tend to run things differently than most of your typical club programs in Westchester, New Jersey, CT, or Long Island. 

Team-by team Program Descriptions, the LC New York Commitment Policy, a roster of Directors and Coaches, information on fees, our Philosophy on Lacrosse Development in NYC, and much more can all be found below.

Welcome to LC New York!


Program 2019-20 Overview.  For better continuity, team building, and an improved development arc, we will ask our families to commit to the Fall, Winter, and Summer seasons (payments in 3 installments when you register).  Each season will have 8-10 training sessions/tournaments.  We are working on hosting our own LCNY Fall tournament in addition to our customary attendance at the Trilogy NJ event on November 10.  Our LCNY indoor program will continue in the winter at Dalton School (pending permits) with a high level of teaching and interaction with Directors Seibald and Pannell and concludes with a tournament at an indoor facility in the NY area.  Summer tournaments will also all be one-day events and will conclude the third weekend in June.  New LC New York gear is being designed.  All in all, we believe the LC New York philosophy, schedule, convenience, and value offers the best for a dedicated New York City lacrosse player in grades 3-11.  We are the only program of its kind in the City. 


Program Schedule Overview (for planning purposes; details to follow; subject to permit and tournament details). 


  • Fall 2019 Training, Practices, and Tournaments (required).  6-7 Sunday late morning training/practices (11AM start) in September-October-Early November.  Starting either September 8.   LCNY in process of setting up/hosting a one day tournament on October 27, 11-6PM (to be confirmed) at Cardinal Spellman HS or we will arrange for a scrimmage vs. another program.  One day Tournament November 10 in New Jersey (8:30-3PM).


  • Winter Indoor Lacrosse Training and Tournament 2019-20.  7 training sessions focused on developing critical ball handling skills, footwork, dodging, quick decision making and some box lacrosse Canadian style skills (Sunday nights for 3-8th graders and Friday nights for 9-11thgraders) indoors at the Dalton Gym (to be confirmed).  Early February one day weekend tournament at an indoor location in NY area.


  • Late May-June Summer 2020 Team Practices and Tournaments (required to play in all 3 of our tournaments).  8 team practices and 3 one day June weekend tournaments. 


Commitment/Attendance Expectations.  READ CAREFULLY.  Besides a focus on individual player development, we use our Fall-Winter sessions for teaching from coaches and directors that will lead to building team chemistry that should pay off in the Summer tournaments.  So, missing a practice or two each season is acceptable; missing tournaments is not fair to teammates, coaches, and the program; and is not acceptable.  Simply put, we are asking our players/families to make lacrosse a one day a week commitment in Fall and Winter and 3-day a week commitment in Late May through the third week of June

While we tried to answer as many potential questions as possible with the info above, you may still have some issues you want to discuss with someone. Please email Max Seibald AND Mat Levine, to connect with someone in person. and

Thanks for your interest in LC New York! Play Up, Play Hard!