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For a long time, lacrosse was just a "spring" sport. The majority of players picked up a stick in March, and put it down by the end of May. In today's lacrosse world, this has all changed.

Players still play a lot of their lacrosse in the spring, for "town" teams like Doc's NYC, the Brooklyn Crescents, Darien Youth Lacrosse, etc, and school teams, but now there is also a vibrant and thriving "summer" lacrosse season, where "town" and school teams go dormant, and clubs come alive.

LCNewYork is New York City's club team.

We offer year-round training, tournaments in the fall and box lacrosse (with more tournaments) in the winter. We go dormant in the spring so players can join their "town" and school teams, and during June (and July for HS players) our season really heats up, where we play in tons of tournaments, and hold numerous practices per week.

Club is not better than "town" or school lacrosse, and the opposite is also true. Both options can present great opportunities to learn, improve, have fun, and grow as young men. If you're looking for more lacrosse than just the spring with your "town" or school team, come check out LCNewYork!

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